Juliet Draper and Pam Jones

  • Juliet Draper-Firefighter/Paramedic and World Class Athlete, singer, actor and volunteer.
  • Pam Jones-entrepeneur, writer/director, volunteer

Talk Topics:

Escape from Addiction - With over 25 years of recovery from cigaretes, alcohol, drugs, food and relationship addictions, Juliet and/or Pam discuss the keys to their success in turning their lives around..

Living Your Rights, Taking Your Chances - What are your rights as Americans and how do you live them when you are gay, black and female in Colorado Springs, CO, ground zero of Amendment 2.

The Path of the Beloved - Together in harmony for 15 years, Pam and Juliet explore their keys to forming a win-win partnership.

Body Image - The courage to be pursue physical strength in a culture that celebrates weak images of the feminine.

Fee: $$$$

Availability: For 2007 our cities are limited to Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Las Vegas

Bio Synopsis Juliet Draper, 39 and a firefighter for 16 years was a high school dropout, homeless and addicted on the streets of Cleveland as a teenager. In 1990 she joined the US Army and began the battle to turn her life around. Replacing the destructive lifestyle with physical activity, Draper began her winning ways while a firefighter in the US Army. Draper is dedicated to her vocation as a firefighter, giving back to troubled youth and continuing her pursuit of competition excellence.

Pam Jones, 53 brings has B.A. in philosophy from Stephens College and 25 years experience as an entrepreneur. Jones started her fabric store and clothing design business when she was only 22 years old. In 1979, she was the first black business owner in Old Colorado City, unable to get a standard loan she borrowed $200 from six friends. Over the next 28 years shes owned a body care product retail store, a personal management for an entertainer, produced music and theatre productions and is currently working on her first independent film, which she wrote and directed.

Our Personal Mission Statement
     Our purpose is to live our best life possible turning obstacles into gifts. Though others may perceive being black, gay and female as three strikes against us,  we perceive it as the triple challenge, the triple whammy and the triple blessing.
     Our power is that we’ve both overcome drug and alcohol addiction and to do so we had to consciously choose life and make decisions about how we were going to live it. Through recovery we've learned to honor ourselves in the moment and to understand the connection between living a false life and addictive behaviors. We've identified destructive behaviors, changed those behaviors and then dealt with the feelings. We've taking control of all aspects of our lives and let go of the ones we cannot control.
     Our blend is that we have complementary gifts and talents and we don’t compete with each other. One us of us is the brain and the other the brawn, one is a starter and the other a finisher, one of us is management the other labor, one is the doing and the other the thinker. 
     We are clear about our belonging and we don’t allow others to shake our understanding. This sense of belonging gives us the energy to share our gifts and talents with our community, focusing more on what we give than what we get.