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`Move over Grace Jones, here comes Juliet.` that`s the cry of Pam Jones, Grace`s younger sister as she launches a CD single of the ironically titled, `I need a man` with partner Juliet Draper. The song was originally a hit for Grace in 1977 and helped launched her career in Europe. Now the beautiful lesbians that are Rogue Amazon Entertainment hope to repeat that success as they bring the track bang up date.

The CD single also includes the track `Rogue Amazon` the couples theme song and the duo`s first attempt at song writing. With the tracks getting extensive airplay in the States the duo hope to repeat that success over here. Jones, who calls herself, "The Production Queen," believes strongly in the sounds produced and thinks the CD has a major chance for success, primarily because of Juliet`s talent .

The couple met 1992 and formed Rogue Amazon Productions in 1997 as a performing arts company dedicated to stimulating social awareness. "Our mission is to entertain and generate financial support for institutions that work to resolve challenging community issues," Pam Jones. This was achieved initially by producing plays showcasing formidable roles for people of colour with the aim to raise social awareness and money for at-risk Colorado Springs youth. One such production was "Zooman and the Sign" which raised more than $10,000 for New Horizons School, Head Start and the Urban League`s Child Care Center.

The desire to produce music however came a lot earlier when a 10-year old Juliet dreamt of having an accapella jazz ensemble called Rogue Amazons Zealously Zinging. The dream was reawakened after she met Pam. Pam takes up the story: "Tossing out ideas on our way dancing in Denver, we started a "music ideas folder." We realized we were good together. I had the concepts and melody, Juliet had the voice, poetry and rhythm."

In addition to launching their first CD, Jones and Draper are also developing their first motion picture, tentatively titled "Camille`s Magic" scheduled for shooting in October 2000. The film has been written by Robert Wooldridge a close friend of Jones and Draper.

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