Meet the Cast of Camille's Magic

Two week ago we lost Jon Smith who played Frederick in our film, still in post-production. We were looking forward to doing more plays with Jon in the future. Juliet felt he was the only man strong enough to be believable as her husband.

Click here for 11 minutes of his performance.

PLOT OUTLINE FOR CAMILLE'S MAGIC: Diane returns home to find her newly inherited restaurant, Gertrude's, taking a turn for the worse. Longtime friend and secret admirer Janice, along with prep cook Mark; do their best to support Diane in her new duties as chef/owner/manager. In a gesture of goodwill Janice takes the grieving Diane to see a performance piece called, “Camille’s Magic.” There they encounter the exotic and captivating Camille who casts her spell of charm and enchantment over all who meet her, including Diane.