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(Pierre Papadiamandis/Paul Adrian Slade,
OrfeusE Editions SARL/SP; Rolf Budde Musikverlag GmbH (Cordial), Berlin)

Man I'm feeling lonely
Someone telephone me
It's getting hard to pass my time
Take me out at dancing
Watch me while I'm smiling
Baby it's a waste of time                          
I Need A Man
Perhaps a man like you
I need a man
To make my dreams come true

Say that you will find him
Creeping up behind him
Mooning round the town all day
Well, I'm underestimated, highly underrated
Can there be another way

I need a man
Perhaps a man like you
I need a man
To make my dreams 
And I need a man
Then I won't be feeling lonely
Knowing I'm the only one
He'll understand
All that I'm feeling deep inside me 
Knowing that at last he's come.
Getting tired of looking
Wasting all my cooking
Ending in a dreadful row
Won't somebody tell me
Say to me or spell me
Why I'm feeling lonely now.


Can't say that I've dreamed him
Can't say that I've seen him
Somehow I've just got to find
Someone understanding
Long enough to hand him
All that's built up inside

I need a man.......

I need a man perhaps that man is you.


Producer: Magic for Magic Muzik Productions, Inc.

Remix by DJ Dealer and DJ Craig C for Pound Boy Productions

Arranged by Magic & Kal-EL,
Recorded, Engineered & Mixed by
Magic at Magic Muzik Studios, Woodland Park, CO
Harmony, Merrily, Meriah, Starr
Production Coordinatior:
Harmony Assistant Coordinator: Meriah Lead Vocals: Juliet
Backing Vocals:
Pamela Jones, Magic, Starr, Harmony, Meriah, Merrily, Shaylind