Pam was born a bookworm and women's libber to a family of entertainers, Pentecostal ministers and athletes. If she hadn't had that Jones forehead all would have sworn she was adopted.

Wanting to be a fashion designer, professor, writer and most of all a mother she majored in philosophy and minored in fashion design at Stephens College in Missouri and then achieved a full ride to Harvard Divinity for graduate school.

Three weeks into her graduate studies a greater goal presented itself. She grabbed her books and belongings and headed west to live in a teepee with the Marlboro Man.

In the late 70's, Colorado Springs was not a welcome place for young, black, female entrepreneurs (what place was at that time?). With the help of friends and family, she established a 20 year niche on the west side of town. To her delight she became the mother she most wanted to be back in 1983.

While raising her daughter, she was the owner and manager of Jones of Jamaica, a retail fabric and clothing store in Colorado Springs, CO., prior to opening The Body Scenter, a retail body care products company in 1986--a business she still operates mail order.

A divorce, a daughter and a few businesses later, Pam had the fortune of meeting Juliet in church. The Unitarian Church in downtown Colorado Springs hosted an Amendment 2 political rally and Juliet had come for a 12 Step meeting. Being the only two black people in the room, they were instantly drawn to one another.

Pamela learned her way around the entertainment business through osmosis while working for her sister, Grace, in the mid 80's. She found the excesses of the performing arts business more than she could handle. After returning to Colorado Springs and buying the Body Scenter she swore she'd never get involved in this business again. Well...never say never! Alt Although they connected immediately it took another three years for her to really understand; JULIET is truly an extraordinary entertainer and athlete. Pamela tossed her reservations to the side and in 1997 they founded ROGUE AMAZON ENTERTAINMENT.

JULIET DRAPER - Found between the largest of the cabbage patches in Cleveland, Ohio, the church sisters said I'd be a performer from the time I was an arm baby. By the time I was eight years old the four career paths I wanted to take in my life were already chosen. I wanted to be a performer, a cop, a fireman and a soldier. I've had the opportunity to do all, even though I was only a cop for a day. If things go as planned, I'll play them all again on the big screen.

At 9 years old I made my debut as the Grinch in "The Grinch That Stole Christmas." For the next decade I performed locally in musical theater productions at Cleveland's Karamu House Theatre. During this time I got caught up in the drug and alcohol side of performing arts and dropped out of high school. Soon after finding myself homeless and wondering what was on the menu at various soup kitchens in town.

My strict, but solid upbringing provided a direction for me and the US Army did the rest. The army made me get my high school diploma to join and subsequently trained me, as soldier and firefighter. Fort Carson, my first tour of duty, brought me to Colorado Springs and Pam Jones.

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