Here's an interesting update of Grace Jones' 1977 hit, produced this time around by none other than Grace's younger sister, Pam, in conjunction with the Denver-based Pound Boys team. On lead vocals is newcomer Juliet Draper, who delivers two strikingly different performances on the Pound Boys' Naked Mix and Club/Dub mixes, both of which deserve praise. The A side Naked mix is a stark tribal affair that juxtaposes Draper's haunting, commanding vocals with a repetitive cadence that's likely to appeal to the big room heads. The B sides, meanwhile, feature a smooth, luscious vocal that any garage-head will likely eat right up, along with the Pound Boys classic, melodic production. Check out the bass licks and organ solo on the dub--yum! Draper and Jones operate, Rogue Amazon Entertainment, performing arts company based in Colorado Springs dedicated to stimulatingsocial awareness. For more info, surf on over to *** -MAGS

November 1999 URB MAGAZINE..(Los Angeles) JULIET I Need A Man (Look at You)Yeah, this is a Grace Jones song here by none other than her sister. The Pound Boys go way underground tn the club mix, where the tribal arrangement is as honest and to the point as the message of the song which Juliet delivers convincingly. Simple organ chords, warm tremolo, live bass and clean drums make this a proper tune. Every vocal house DJ needs a copy of this, not to mention those who play lounge, jazz, disco or rare groove. DJ DK*

"Great baseline with strong instrumentation, very nice vibe"
DJ Warren Holt, Club Madisons, UK
DJ MAGAZINE (London, England) Juliet I Need A Man I'm sure I Need A Man must have been a gay anthem on its first outing for Studio 54 hanger-on Grace Jones back in the 70s. This new cover gets the Pound Boys touch in the mix, with gentle keys and a real bass taking the nostalgia trip. The Pound boys let their organ loose (the instrument, you sad perverts) on the nice dub mix, great ol-skool chunky Hammond style keys which seem to bring the whole track to a slightly more intense, tighter groove. Good debut effort. ***YH