Pam Jones and Juliet Draper
Life and business partners
Our Mission For 2006

     Firejock, firefighter fitness online magazine promotes creating a fitness lifestyle necessary for achieving health and wellness and being the best firefighter possible.

     Juliet Draper of the Colorado Springs Fire Department is using the firefighter combat challenge as her method for staying in tip-top condition, because it provides job specific training.

      The training encompasses all the dimensions of physical fitness needed to effectively do the job: strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility.


     However, the fire fit lifestyle can also be achieved through other amateur sports, strength, cardiovascular and flexibility activities, along with awareness of proper nutrition.
      Our mission is to inspire with information and profiles that help you get in the best physical condition possible. Your new found conditioning helps you provide better customer service and also live a long and healthy life.
     Juliet Draper, 42 brings her knowledge of fitness as not just exercise, but as a lifestyle. She also brings the experiences gained doing fire specific competitions and a deep understanding of the exercises and attitudes firefighters need, to have a long and active career in the fire department, followed by a long and active retirement.

     Draper, a firefighter for 11 years, has been with the CSFD for 6 years. While a firefighter in the US Army she won a series of competitions: twice the 1992 Iron Horse competition for the strongest woman on Fort Carson and the 1994 Armed Forces Bodybuilding Championship. After becoming a member of the CSFD, she won the World Fire Fighter Combat Challenge in 1999.



    Although Draper is a high performance athlete she's developing training programs for every level of fitness.
     Pam Jones, 56 brings a B.A. in philosophy from Stephens College and 25 years experience as an entrepreneur to Firejock. Jones started her first business when she was just 22 years old, designing clothing. Among her ventures are ownership of The Body Scenter, personal manager sister, Grace Jones, producer of a Juliet~Rogue Amazon a music CD, along with theatre productions.

     F is the third venture of Pam Jones and Juliet Draper, life and business partners for 11 years. A few years ago their company
Rogue Amazon Ent. produced a music CD. It was a dream of Draper's to be a firefighting diva, but the lifestyle of late nights, alcohol and smoke filled bars, made them groggy and got in the way of their 5:30am workout.

     They finally figured out that their ventures have to be about their passions; fitness, firefighting and working together.