Exercising is my passion and it has always been. I played organized sports as soon as they were available. In the summer my sister, cousins and I were always dashing about on our bikes. Not to mention the roller skating craze that was big in the eighties.

I was born a jock. I've been competing in athletics from the beginning. I've competed in basketball, softball, volleyball, fencing, bodybuilding, power lifting, and the firefighter combat challenge. I was picked to play women's pro football, but decided to take a year off from competing after finally finishing paramedic training.

My Dad told me many years ago that one of my first sentences was, "Julie, run Daddy, Julie run fast!!" There is even a picture of that day in the family photo album. I guess I've been on the move for as long as I can remember. I was the kid that couldn't wait 'till recess to go outside and play. You name it, I played it. Especially if it involved a ball.

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