Mike Norcross
Actor, Dan
Asst. Script Supervisor

I had a casual acquaintance with Juliette (Camille) and Pam (Producer/Director) at World's Gym where we work out. One morning Pam told me about the project and explained they needed someone to play an ex-con and I fit the profile nicely. Would I be interested? Having my interest piqued, I agreed.

Having never been around a production of any sort, I was curious as to how this was done. I was really expecting to see a home video camera and a bunch of people but was quite surprised by the equipment and technical knowledge of those involved. Besides, it sounded like fun.



During the week I build automotive transmissions. For from being a glamorous trade, it is challenging and, for me, quite interesting. I also get a lot of acting experience by being polite and civil to people, generally customers, who lack social skills.

I have never been interested in filmmaking. I keep a pretty full schedule with my friends and family. I also value my privacy very strongly. Granted bit players don't see much publicity and I have fo fear f being and up and coming mega-star, I don't particularly like making small talk with people I don't know who recognize me frm somewhere.


I don't realy have a favorite movie. I generally see a movie based on the cast. I have particular actors that will draw me to watch something that had someone else been in it, I wouldn't normall have selected.

From this experience I hope to gain an understanding of how a movie is made and the technical challenges associated with it. Although the part I play in the film is small, I volunteered to help out behind the scenes so I could see first-hand just what is involved in film production. This is an eye opening experience for me. And besides, it's fun and so are the people involved.


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