Juliet Draper, Executive Producer, Actress playing 'Camille' in Camille's Magic

I got involved with Camille's Magic because my wonderful Pie Shug Doll Bae is, "she who holds the vision" for this project. It's been in the works for a few years now, and has had many incarnations along the way.

When I was younger I dreamed of winning one of each: tony, oscar, emmy, and grammy. As I got older it became clear that my life was moving in a different direction. I'm much more of a realist these days and am thrilled to be a part of a project such as this. I get to flex my creative muscle after years of
flexing my physical muscle.

I have always been interested in being in front of the camera, and am finding
the behind the scenes action exciting as well.

The first movie that comes to mind as my favorite movie is Aliens. It was exciting, full of action, and women had a highly active role in the heart of the action. Women who looked capable of handling themselves and the situations they were presented with. I don't think any movie has done it before or since.

I hope to learn to intergrate both sides of myself the creative and the literal from participating in this project .

Photograph by Denise Chambers
The most uplifting has been knowing that I may be a bit rusty but I have more discipline and drive than I did when I was younger. The hardest thing has been changing my fitness routine and consequently my appearance and ability to lift heavy weights (one of my favorite things in the world to do).

I have learned about myself recently that I have tremendous insecurity about my creative side, not a feeling I
remember in that regard. It's getting better of course, but it takes effort.

Juliet had to be actress, sometimes sound and grip




I am a firefighter/paramedic with the Colorado Springs Fire Dept.

I'm working on my degree in Fire Science. I need it to get promoted.

I am also the world record holder in the female division of the Firefighter Combat Challenge


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