Mary Sprunger
First Strike Theater

Mary Sprunger-Froese I have been acting in theater for quite some time. I’ve been part of a troupe called First Strike Theater that originated in the early 90’s when the Colorado Springs political climate changed due to Amendment 2. I been the director and performer in First Strike Theater.
In 1997, I saw a “Zooman and the Sign” produced by Pam Jones and starring Juliet. Impressed with Juliet’s performance, I called her about joining my theater troupe when she told me about “Camille’s Magic” and the role of Lori I was perfect for.
Because of my love of acting and respect for Pamela and Juliet, I jumped aboard the project. My other on camera experience has been a training video for a Psychologist.
By day I assist an ESL teach for adult education and substitutes for adult ed teachers I hope to learn more acting for the camera.
I enjoy being a part of the creative ‘labor of love’ that reaches people. One of my favorite films is Talk to Her. I find it thoroughly engaging and challenging to what people define as love.


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