Tree Priest
Actor, Diane


I have always been an artist.
My degree in Fine Arts at Boulder led me to eventually love the colorful and exciting Theater industry.
I started with the ‘Stagehand Union’ here in the Springs. Now, being a member for ten plus years, I have worked many professional Theater and Dance touring shows locally (and toured myself for several years.)

Presently, I work in the Theater at Colorado College as the Assistant Technical Director. We produce/build shows all year that include Theater and Dance. I am constantly learning more about the technique used in Lighting, Scenery building, Sound and Rigging in any given production and pass my experience on to the students at CC. I love my job!

After reading the script of Camille’s Magic, I got really revved up on being involved with the filming. I believe in it and think it is a well thought out and realistic film with a good plot!
I see these really awesome people (our production crew) learning- by reading and researching what is needed for ‘tech’ in the filming. This is very intriguing to me and I wanted to be involved with this unique grassroots production.


On Location by Denise Chambers

I began assisting with the ‘tech’ on “Camille’s Magic” when Pam asked me to read for Diane. Well from there, I seemed to fit Diane-- and it seems only natural to play her since she is really not so far off from who I really am. (yea, as if I could own a restaurant and have two women after me at the same time!!) So I took the role! Why not?!!
Having never acted before, this endeavor is a real personal challenge to me. I embrace the challenge.

By Denise Chambers

Because of my inexperience, I rely on the direction from Pam and help from my fellow actors in making this film. What a learning experience! Learning from doing it, just becoming Diane is- and has been incredible!

Tree with boom guy Charles taking a break


7/12/04 - I am learning what is easy and what is hard for me to act. The scenes who are most like me- are very easy and of course being more out of myself and into a different 'Diane' character is very difficult . I am still shy around an audience. It is hard to act certain scenes . I have learned about myself that I have a lot of desire to be
a better actor when I did not even know I had that in me!

When I think I have done well and feel good about my acting, I am uplifted. When I know I have not looked over my script enough or put
into a scene the energy it deserves, I get frustrated. Mostly, I just have good days and bad days. I love the comeradery between all the people involved though every time I go to film. A very uplifting connection!

I am working on outside Broadway shows such as Rent , Riverdance, and Disney, mostly for a few bucks. I am designing lights for a senior dance show at CC (for a learning experience and as a favor). And for my full time job, in the Armstrong theater at CC, we are building an enormous 'set' for a show -to go up on the first weekend in May. It is a
huge endeavor which includes a lot of welding and carpentry on a daily basis. At home, I am remodling a room slowly on my own.

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